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Quintessence of Neightbourhood at home

Original prints limited to 30 copies

All our images, printed by Picto's professional photographic laboratory, are available in limited editions, in the form of 30 original copies, signed and numbered, the artist pledging not to produce further prints beyond the number of copies fixed.


Like any original creation, an original photograph bears the imprint of the personality of its author. It therefore becomes protected by Articles L111-1 et seq. of the French Code of Intellectual Property as a work of the mind benefiting from copyright. The rights of the purchaser to the work are therefore limited to a right of private use, excluding any right of representation and reproduction.

Authenticity of the work

Each acquired photograph is issued with an Arttrust certificate of authenticity. This one assures to the purchaser that the work is indeed that of the artist.


The certificate includes:      


          - The name of the artist      

          - The title of the work      

          - The creation date      

          - The number of editions and its numbering      

          - The format      

          - The printing technique      

          - The nature of the paper support      

          - The signature of the artist validating this information.


Several solutions are available before ordering an image.


Pigmented photo print on Dibond


Widely used in exhibitions, interior design and event planning, laminated printing is an elegant and affordable way to showcase images. Your photo print is laminated on a 3 mm Dibond plate, particularly strong and rigid, and allowing not to be limited in the dimensions chosen. In this regard, we offer various attachment systems that you can choose according to the weight of your laminated picture. In addition, the laminated photo print allows you to have the choice of photo paper, depending on the chosen image, lighting, or more prosaically according to your tastes.



Photo print with art framing


Adopted by art galleries and major museums, the art framing is a high-end frame that will enhance your images. Your photo print is first laminated on a 1mm aluminum plate, then framed by a wooden or metal frame with a beveled Marie-Louise, protected and dusted behind a glass plate. A hanging device is attached to the back. Like laminating on Dibond, the choice of photo paper is possible.


(given here as an example depending on support and dimensions)

Photo collage on Dibond:


90 cm x 50 cm: 300 euros T.T.C

45 cm x 25 cm: 180 euros T.T.C


Photo print with art framing:


90 cm x 50 cm (with Marie Louise of 10 cm, about 113 cm x 73 cm): 500 euros T.T.C

45 cm x 25 cm (with Marie-Louise of 6 cm, about 60 cm x 40 cm): 300 euros T.T.C


NB: For the sake of an optimal image quality, some pictures can only be edited in slightly smaller dimensions (about 80 cm x 65 cm, or 70 cm x 50 cm). If by chance the case came to be, know that the price would of course be adapted.

Know also that the frame of art allows multiple realizations (diptych, triptych, quadriptych ...); on demand.



Whether you want to ask for advice or quotation on the use of clichés for the decoration of your walls, an exhibition, a publication or simply give your point of view on what your pupils have just expanded on these pages, thank you for leaving a message below.



It will be sent to your servant, at Brice Retailleau's e-mail address :


As for Little Neighbor, mi casa es su casa.

Merci ! Message envoyé.

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