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Little neighbor will become big...


Little neighbor cultivates an infinite field of possibilities in which the Christmas trees, Vishnu trees, Mohammed trees or Buddha trees flourish and which spreads before his impatient eyes to know more about tomorrow.


His modest wishes betray simple tastes: the pleasure of being in good health, the joy of eating his fill, the happiness of laughing for at least six minutes a day.


Not demanding, he might as well dream of a cosmonaut career or being a brontosaurus jockey, but no, he has a minimum sense of reality.


In this respect, little neighbor would not disdain if the days could last at least sixty hours. It is because, when one lives in a prodigious universe which generates a home, two legs, three fingers of common sense and four seasons, temptations are not lacking.


Especially as little neighbor has the decoration under his skin. Not a week goes by without bargain-hunting from La Paz to Lhasa. Inexhaustible on the history of the pedestal table from the Middle Age to the present days, he is the absolute reference, whatever says his modesty inherited from a one-legged mother and a father maker of lower limbs prosthetics.


When hospitality rhymes with home, reason orders to look around the property.


No need to handle it with kids gloves, to step on pads or address little neighbor as vous, just push the colourful door and make yourself comfortable.


For little neighbor, his house is your house; his garden, your planet, from floor to ceiling.

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