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Initially, on the first day, there was nothing ... No drinking water, no electricity, not even a bakery...



Then, on the second day, appeared the Earth, well rounded, very blue, welcoming with its caves at constant temperature, its cute little rodents dreaming only to be tasted in a basic wood fire coming, with a little luck, from a fruit tree in the shade of which grow juicy salads.


A perfect environment.


The Garden of Eden where, from -40°C to + 40°C, everything seemed to be possible as long as you can grow two opposable thumbs, a strong tolerance to the flu, and put the skin of a generous fur animal on your shoulders, and a hammock, preferably multicolor, to put under your bottom.


So, on the third day, all the ingredients necessary were gathered for the advent of a king, the only, the unique, the incomparable, You.


A planet just for you, just like that, without even asking for anything?!? It seemed weird for a while, and then the idea made its way : no one to share the feast with? Not going to happen!

Because the fourth day arrived the neighbors who, too, believed they were alone.


So, you had a meeting. Together you ate, together you drank, together you danced to the sound of disco.


Thus, on the fifth day, all were married, or not, and had, or not, many children who went on the sixth day to satisfy their curiosity at the end of the street first, then further and further away, for as long as their legs could carry them, or as long as someone could invent the boat.

Finally, on the seventh day, everyone realized that at this rate, no one would make it to the next month. A foot-lift was decided unanimously. Exhausted from this quintessence of cadence, the neighborhood only needed normality in the use of time.


So was done.

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