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Quintessence of Neighborhood

Welcome everybody

Self-taught photographic cartographer of the world's diversity, infinitely lovesick at the sight of Mother Nature's appeals, amazed by human genius, I invite you on a crazy walk :


the Quintessence of Neighborhood.


It is a window of colors and my personal testimony illustrating the beauty of the world, whether of natural or human origin.


The photos that illustrate it have all been diligently collected by your servant, from heat waves to blizzards, from camel rides to dugout canoes, from vertiginous summits to the seabed.



I can thus certify that all the images correspond in all points to the reality at the time of the shooting.


May they seduce you.

( Inaugural bonus : get back up to reveal, astounded, an impromptu slide show made in quadriptyks characteristic of the house's style )


Brice Retailleau
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